A ball valve is a quarter-turn valve in which a drilled ball rotates between seats, allowing straight-through flow in the open position and shutting off flow when the ball is rotated 90° and blocks the flow passage.

● For on-off, nonthrottling service
● Throttling service with special trim
● Where quick opening is required
● Where minimum resistance to flow is needed

● General service, high temperatures, cryogenic service, slurries

● Low cost
● High capacity
● Bidirectional shutoff
● Straight-through pattern
● Low leakage
● Self-cleaning
● Low maintenance
● No lubrication requirement
● Compact
● Tight sealing with low torque
● Good throttling characteristics with special trim

● Poor throttling characteristics with standard ball designs
● Susceptible to seal wear with soft seats
● Prone to cavitation with standard ball designs

● Construction: top entry, split body, end entry, or welded
● Style: floating ball, trunnion mounted, rising stem, or throttling
● Ports: three-way, venturi, full ported, reduced port, or venturi

● Body: bronze, iron, ductile iron, aluminum, carbon steel, low-alloy steel, stainless steel, Monel, nickel alloys, titanium, tantalum, zirconium, polypropylene, PVC plastics
● Seat: elastomeric, plastic, nickel plated, stellite, tungsten carbide, or ceramic

Special Installation and Maintenance Instructions
● Allow sufficient space for operation of handle.

Ordering Specifications
● Operating temperature
● Operating pressure
● Type of construction
● Style

● Type of port in ball
● Body material
● Seat material
● Type of actuation

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