For a better understanding of boiler construction and operation, let’s examine a four-pass, internally fired, fire tube, natural gas-fired, forced-draft, marine, wet-back boiler. The boiler consists of a cylindrical steel shell which is called the pressure vessel.

It is covered with several inches of insulation to reduce heat loss. The insulation is then covered with an outer metal jacket to prevent damage to the insulation. Some of the other components are a burner, a forced-draft fan and various controls.

When the boiler is started it will go through a purge cycle in which the draft fan at the front of the boiler will force air through the combustion chamber and out the stack at the front of the boiler. This purges any combustibles that might be in combustion chamber.

An electrical signal from control circuit will open the pilot valve allowing natural gas to flow to the burner pilot light. A flame detector will verify that the pilot is lit and gas will then be supplied to the main burner.

The draft fan forces air into the combustion chamber and combustion takes place. The hot combustion gases flow down the chamber and into the tubes for the second pass back to the front of the boiler.

As the gases pass through the tubes they are giving up heat into the water. The gases enter into the front chamber of the boiler, called the header, and make another loop to the back of the boiler for the third pass.

The fourth pass brings the hot gases back to the front of the boiler and out the stack. The temperature in the combustion chamber is several thousand degrees while the temperature of the gases exiting the stack should be about 320 degrees (or 150 degrees above the medium temperature).

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