Hot water heating systems (Figure below) transport heat by circulating heated water to a designated area. Heat is released from the water as it flows through the heating unit (coil, terminal).

After heat is released, the water returns to the boiler to be reheated and recirculated. Low temperature hot water boilers are ≤ 250°F. High temperature hot water boilers are >250°F.

Hot water heating systems produce heat more consistently than steam heating systems. The water in a hot water heating system remains in the lines at all times.

The water in the heating unit lines heats and cools slowly, resulting in an even rate of heat production. When pressure is lost in the steam heating system, steam leaves the heating units resulting in a more rapid loss of heat than in a hot water heating system.

In addition, the steam heating system has a longer recovery time in producing heat after the boiler is shut down.

Boilers are used in both hot water heating systems and steam heating systems. The hot water heating systems most often encountered in HVAC work will be low temperature systems with boiler water temperatures generally in the range of 170-200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most of the steam heating systems will use low pressure steam, operating at 15 psig (30 psia, and 250°F). There are a great many types and classifications of boilers. Boilers can be classified by size, construction, appearance, original usage, and fuel used.

Fossil-fuel boilers will be either natural gas-fired, liquid petroleum (LP) gas-fired, or oil-fired. Some boilers are set up so that the operating fuel can be switched to natural gas, LP gas or oil, depending on the fuel price and availability.

The construction of boilers remains basically the same whether they’re water boilers or steam boilers. However, water or steam boilers are divided by their internal construction into fire tube or water tube boilers.

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