The latest entry into the materials list for manufacturing pipe is plastic. Not originally thought of as a product capable of performing in the environs of a piping process facility, plastic has emerged as a reliable, safe, and cost effective alternative material.

There is a broad range of plastic compounds being developed today. For piping systems, two categories are most effective: fluoroplastics and thermoplastics. Fluoroplastics are found in materials like PTFE, PVDF, ECTFE, CTFE, PFA, and FEP.

As a group, fluoroplastics perform extremely well in aggressive chemical services at temperatures from -328 F° to +500 F°. Thermoplastics are those that require melting during the manufacturing process.

These plastics can be welded or injection molded into shapes for machining into piping system components.

For some piping systems, it is now inconceivable not to use plastics. Pipes made from plastic are replacing traditional, expensive materials like glass or ceramic-lined pipe.

Some plastics such as UHMW PE, PVDF, CTFE, and nylon have such excellent wear resistance that they prove in Taber Abrasion Tests to be five to ten times better in this regard than 304 Stainless Steel. The Taber

Abrasion Test cycles an abrasive wheel over the face of a plate made of the material being tested. After 1,000 cycles of the wheel, the plate is measured to determine the amount of weight loss. Table 2-4 lists the results.

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