There are different types of turbomachines. They can be classified as:

1. Turbomachines in which (i) work is done by the fluid and (ii) work is done on the fluid.

2. Turbomachines in which fluid moves through the rotating member in axial direction with no radial movement of the streamlines.

Such machines are called axial flow machines whereas if the flow is essentially radial, it is called a radial flow or centrifugal flow machine.

Two primary points will be observed: first, that the main element is a rotor or runner carrying blades or vanes; and secondly, that the path of the fluid in the rotor may be substantially axial, substantially radial, or in some cases a combination of both.

Turbomachines can further be classified as follows:

Turbines: Machines that produce power by expansion of a continuously flowing fluid to a lower pressure or head.

Pumps: Machines that increase the pressure or head of flowing fluid.

Fans: Machines that impart only a small pressure-rise to a continuously flowing gas; usually the gas may be considered to be incompressible.

Compressors: Machines that impart kinetic energy to a gas by compressing it and then allowing it to rapidly expand. Compressors can be axial flow, centrifugal, or a combination of both types, in order to produce the highly compressed air.

In a dynamic compressor, this is achieved by imparting kinetic energy to the air in the impeller and then this kinetic energy is converted into pressure energy in the diffuser.

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