What Are The Different Types Of Workplace Injuries?

Some idea of the types of workplace injury can be had by studying the tables in various databases, some online. These can give a view on an occupation and industry basis

Injury rates
                                                       Frequency Rate       Average Time          Lost Rate Incidence Rate
Larger organization                                 40                           15                               9.2%
Smaller organization                                87                             3                                20%

or a view of the duration based on the nature of injury. Other duration sheets relating to bodily location, mechanism of injury and breakdown agency (e.g. tool, substance) are also available.

Another way of looking at injuries, suggested by G.L. McDonald, a Queensland safety researcher, involves dividing injury into three classes:

Class 1 Accident permanently alters the future of the individual.

Class 2 Lost-time accident where individual fully recovers.

Class 3 Accidents which cause inconvenience to the individual but do not stop him/her from carrying out normal duties.

McDonald  has produced line diagrams which graph class of injury and total cost of that class based on actual data for an OHS jurisdiction. The case for focusing prevention on Class 1 is very strong.

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