The various advantages of a nuclear power plant are as follows:

1. Space requirement of a nuclear power plant is less as compared to other conventional power plants are of equal size.

2. A nuclear power plant consumes very small quantity of fuel. Thus fuel transportation cost is less and large fuel storage facilities are not needed Further the nuclear power plants will conserve the fossil fuels (coal, oil, gas etc.) for other energy need.

3. There is increased reliability of operation.

4. Nuclear power plants are not effected by adverse weather conditions.

5. Nuclear power plants are well suited to meet large power demands. They give better performance at higher load factors (80 to 90%).

6. Materials expenditure on metal structures, piping, storage mechanisms are much lower for a nuclear power plant than a coal burning power plant.

For example for a 100 mW nuclear power plant the weight of machines and mechanisms, weight of metal structures, weight of pipes and fittings and weight of masonry and bricking up required are nearly 700 tonnes, 900 tonnes, 200 tonnes and 500 tonnes respectively whereas for a 100 mW coal burning power plant the corresponding value are 2700 tonnes, 1250 tonnes, 300 tonnes and 1500 tonnes respectively.

Further area of construction site required aired for 100 mW nuclear power plant is 5 hectares whereas was for a 100 mW coal burning power plant the area of construction site is nearly 15 hectares.

7. It does not require large quantity of water.


1. Initial cost of nuclear power plant is higher as compared to hydro or steam power plant.

2. Nuclear power plants are not well suited for varying load conditions.

3. Radioactive wastes if not disposed carefully may have bad effect on the health of workers and other population. In a nuclear power plant the major problem faced is the disposal of highly radioactive waste in form of liquid, solid and gas without any injury to the atmosphere. The preservation of waste for a long time creates lot of difficulties and requires huge capital.

4. Maintenance cost of the plant is high.

5. It requires trained personnel to handle nuclear power plants.

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