Air cleaning is the process of removing airborne particles from the air. Air cleaning can be classified into air filtration and industrial air cleaning.

Industrial air cleaning involves the removal of dust and gaseous contaminants from manufacturing processes as well as from the space air, exhaust air, and flue gas for air pollution control. In this section, only air filtration is covered.

Air filtration involves the removal of airborne particles presented in the conditioned air. Most of the airborne particles removed by air filtration are smaller than 1 mm, and the concentration of these particles in the air stream seldom exceeds 2 mg/m3.

The purpose of air filtration is to benefit the health and comfort of the occupants as well as meet the cleanliness requirements of the working area in industrial buildings.

An air filter is a kind of air cleaner that is installed in AHUs, PUs, and other equipment to filter the conditioned air by inertial impaction or interception and to diffuse and settle fine dust particles on the fibrous medium.

The filter medium is the fabricated material that performs air filtration. Operating performance of air filters is indicated by their:

• Efficiency or effectiveness of dust removal

• Dust holding capacity mdust, which is the amount of dust held in the air filter, in grains/ft2

• Initial pressure drop when the filter is clean Dpfi and final pressure drop Dpff when the filter’s mdust is maximum, both in in. WG

• Service life, which is the operating period between Dpfi and Dpff

Air filters in AHUs and PUs can be classified into low-, medium-, and high-efficiency filters and carbon activated filters.

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