Flow improvers and wax anti-settling additives make it possible to utilize paraffinic components with high cetane numbers in winter, yet limit low temperature performance.

While flow improvers cannot inhibit the formation of paraffin crystals, they can however reduce their size and prevent them from coalescing.

Typical products are ethyl vinyl acetates (EVA). On their own, flow improvers can drop the CFPP (cold filter plugging point) below the cloud point by more than 108 deg C. The CFPP can be lowered even further by additionally using WASA.

This simultaneously reduces the sedimentation of paraffin crystals when fuel is stored below its cloud point for a long time

a: formation of paraffin crystals in fuel,
b: fuel sample in a glass flask).

These (usually prediluted) cold flow additives must be meticulously worked into still warm fuel at the refinery. Subsequent blending into cold fuel in a vehicle tank is usually ineffective.

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