One of the pioneers of the TQM concept has expressed his views on improving quality. His fourteen point approach is as follows:4

1. Establish consistency of purpose for improving services.

2. Adopt the new philosophy for making the accepted levels of defects, delays, or mistakes unwanted.

3. Stop reliance on mass inspection as it neither improves nor guarantees quality. Remember that teamwork between the firm and its suppliers is the way for the process of improvement.

4. Stop awarding business with respect to the price.

5. Discover problems. Management must work continually to improve the system.

6. Take advantage of modern methods used for training. In developing a training program, take into consideration such items as

• Identification of company objectives
• Identification of the training goals
• Understanding of goals by everyone involved
• Orientation of new employees
• Training of supervisors in statistical thinking
• Team-building
• Analysis of the teaching need

7. Institute modern supervision approaches.

8. Eradicate fear so that everyone involved may work to his or her full capacity.

9. Tear down department barriers so that everyone can work as a team member.

10. Eliminate items such as goals, posters, and slogans that call for new productivity levels without the improvement of methods.

11. Make your organization free of work standards prescribing numeric quotas.

12. Eliminate factors that inhibit employee workmanship pride.

13. Establish an effective education and training program.

14. Develop a program that will push the above 13 points every day for never-ending improvement.

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